Sahara Desert

By Karl Van Hoomissen








The Sahara Desert is found North Africa.  The Sahara Desert stretches into 9 countries.  Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Algeria, Niger, Tunisia, and Libya.  The Sahara Desert is found North Africa.  It has many different animals and holds some cool wildlife.


 This is a picture of a Desert Eagle Owl.  It feeds on small rodents and lizard.  It soars over the Sahara Desert at night because it is nocturnal.  That's when it catches its pray by surprise.  This picture was a one of a kind because the owl was awake in the day.  Its height is about 18 inches, it has a 13 inch wingspan, and it weighs about 1 to 1.8 lbs.


Leo Tanami Desert Australia
William Simpson Desertanimated gifs beetles

  This is a climate graph of North West Africa.  I couldn't find one specifically for the Sahara so this is the closest to it.  The Sahara Desert is very dry, just like the other deserts in the world.  Also in the Sahara Desert is also high in temperature in the day, but at night its temperatures drop significantly.  The only reason it doesn't snow at night there is because there is not enough precipitation.

200138998-001, Gallo Images-Martin Harvey /Riser

This is a desert beetle.  The website I found it on didn't give me a specific name though.  It eats cacti or shrubs in the Sahara.  Not like the desert eagle owl, it is awake in the day and asleep at night.



  These are some cool pictures of camels.

My biome is a desert.  In the desert it gets extremely cold in the night and extremely hot in the day.  There are three types of deserts.  There are hot deserts cold desert and in between deserts.

My specific biome is the Sahara Desert.  The Sahara Desert is in North Africa.  It can get up to 120 degrees, and get below 0 degrees at night.  There are a lot of cool animals.

There are cacti, palm trees, and some types of grasses in the Sahara.  They are only to the edge of the desert, except for special occasions.  The cacti in the Sahara are the main food source for herbivores.  The cacti are a important part of my biome.

The desert beetle is one of the herbivores in the Sahara Desert.  Along with the desert beetle, there are spiders, scorpions, and snakes.  These aren't all herbivores, but they all are near each other on the food chain.  They're all near the bottom of the food chain.

Owls, lizards, and some select snakes are all top predators in the Sahara.  By select snakes, I mean sand vipers of cobras.

The Sahara Desert is mainly filled with animals.  There are some people though, like small African tribes.  On the outer edge of the Sahara, Egypt is lush with people. 

I think that since not many people live in the Sahara Desert, there isn't much of a impact from humans.  There probably is a little bit but not much.  The only thing I can think of is pollution.

The Sahara Desert is a cool climate and that is what inspired me to do a desert biome.  Vegetation is scare but the cool animals make up for it.  I had no regrets doing a desert biome because it was a lot of fun.

  This is a photo of some cacti in the Sahara Desert.  The cacti in the desert is a huge food source for many animals.  Off the edges of the cacti is red, small fruits.  That is what the herbivores eat.  It would be kind of hard for them to bite through the spikes of a cactus.